December 31

Goodbye 2013, Hello New You!


Happy New Year…almost! I just wanted to wish you a very happy New Year…I know that good things are coming your way in 2014!

This is typically the time when we all make those resolutions, you know the ones…lose weight, get out of debt, change our lives for the better. Well, for what it’s worth, I want to help you make 2014 the year that you make your financial goals come true.

I will be showing you some great ways to save money, earn more money, do more with the money you already have, and generally improve your financial situation. I hope you’ll join me in making 2014 the year that all your financial worries disappear!

Happy New Year!


October 16

5 Top Tips for a Cheaper Halloween This Year

Yes, I know Halloween is just a few weeks away…my eight year old has been reminding me hourly. Seriously, just the thought of dressing up and scaring her little sister, plus eating all that candy, has her getting goofy already! She wants a very expensive costume, I want to save money…sound familiar? If so, read on to see how you can make Halloween less expensive, but no less fun, this year!

1. Popping tags at the thrift shop
You know that song by Maclemore, ‘Poppin Tags’…well, he’s one smart dude, because that’s exactly where I go first for costume ideas. I go to the local thrift shop and look for inspiration…not just at the clothes but any accessories that you might need. Some of the bargain bin items that no one wants are perfect accessories for monsters, hobos, tacky celebrities…you get the picture. Plus, you won’t mind cutting up clothes you paid a buck for if you need to cannibalize something to create the perfect costume.

2. If you can’t buy it, make it
Or, make something that looks as close to it as possible. I can’t sew to save my life, even though I have a really nice sewing machine. But, I can superglue like nobody’s business. And what on earth did you think double sided tape was for? It’s just one night, bodge it, fake, do whatever but make it!

3. Accessorize to emphasize
If your homemade costume looks like crap, then distract the locals with some great makeup. Halloween makeup is cheap, especially if you supplement with stuff out of your own makeup stash. Don’t we all have a few butt ugly colours we know we’ll never wear, just waiting to transform your child into something slightly hideous? No? Just me then…but seriously, if you aren’t good at Facepainting, ask a friend who is to help out. If you both help each other your kids will be ready twice as fast, and eating candy in no time!

4. Candy do’s and don’ts
Skip the high end candy that costs a fortune…try watching the salespapers at places like Walgreen’s, CVS and the Dollar stores for specials on things like peppermints, dum dums, and gum. Believe it or not, kids still like the cheap stuff. Plus, those little beggers can’t be choosers, right? 🙂

5. Safety first
Don’t send the kids out without an adult and some way of being seen. We love flashlights, but my kids tend to shine those in people’s eyes because they are sort of careless. I also love decking them out in glow sticks from the Dollar Tree. They love wearing them, I don’t mind paying a buck for a pack full of them. If they don’t have them, or if you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, Amazon usually has a great selection for a very decent price, like the ones below.

Finally, remind your kids to eat NOTHING til you’ve checked it. That way, you get first pick of the goodies as a reward for all your hard work. Isn’t being a parent AWESOME?!

Share your Halloween money saving tips-serious and otherwise-right here!