July 20

How Your Kids Can Get Free Stuff (Including Money) For Reading

read this summer


You’ve probably heard it said that reading is one of the most important things your kids can do to avoid the summer brain drain that affects so many children. It’s true, reading is important, and it’s awesome fun, but if your child just isn’t motivated to read during the summer months, how can you get them to pick up a book? How about free money?

I always enroll my kids in the summer reading program at our local library, where they can earn lots of fun freebies, including a free ticket to a baseball game. But when my oldest started balking at the library’s offerings, I did a little digging and found some other great summer reading programs that offer kids rewards for reading. After all, I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love to get free stuff, especially by doing something as easy as picking up a book. ┬áHere are three that are well worth your child’s time, so break out the books!

TD Bank

TD Bank offers anyone who has a Young Saver’s account $10 just for reading ten books. Just drop by your local branch and pick up a reading log, then cash in by August 31st to get your money.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble offers kids a choice of a free book from a list of books that they have in-store. Print off the reading log from their website and log eight books to collect the free book.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

If your child loves a little competition, this is the perfect motivation. As they read, they can clock their minutes online at the Scholastic website. They get to see how they compare to other kids when it comes to time spent reading, and they can earn virtual rewards with every book they read. Plus, they can win real prizes (books), too. Sign up online at the Scholastic website.

Go ahead and get a book in their hands, and they’ll thank you for it when they pick up all their great freebies!