September 18

How Much Money Can You Save With Amazon Prime?

The answer is, it depends.

I signed up for Amazon Prime in 2012 when we decided to get rid of our cable television. I was intrigued by the benefits that they claimed to offer, including the free ebook lending for Kindle owners and free 2 day shipping on Millions of products. I also liked the fact that they had a large selection of free to stream movies for Prime account members. Even though we already had Netflix, Amazon had some things in their Prime section that Netflix did not.

I do some work through Amazon’s Mturk platform, and I can use my money to buy Amazon gift cards which are basically instant credit to buy lots of stuff from Amazon, including buying digital editions of movies and TV series through the site.

I already shopped at Amazon, and I tried to always find free shipping options, but couldn’t always. But, I did notice a LOT of the things I bought were Prime eligible, so I was really curious. I investigated, and here is what I found.

Movies: Currently Amazon has over 40,000 movies and television shows available to stream or download. Over 15,000 of these are available free to Prime members. Of course, that number could go up as new titles are added. One cool thing: CBS’ ‘Under the Dome’ is available on Prime pretty quick after it airs on TV. Even Hulu doesn’t have it!

Free 2 Day Shipping: There are literally millions of items that qualify for this, from clothes to food to toys and baby gear and household items and…you get the point, right? It’s a BUNCH of stuff. If you consider what shipping costs for most items, you’d probably save the cost of your annual subscription cost in a few purchases.

Free Kindle Books: Kindle owners can borrow from up to 350,000 Kindle ebooks, including best sellers and new releases. I don’t have a Kindle, but my son does, and I have ‘borrowed’ it to borrow a few. WELL WORTH IT in my opinion!
If you don’t have a Kindle, you should consider getting a Kindle Fire …it’s a great tablet for reading and watching movies!

Cost: A year’s subscription to Amazon Prime cost $79. That breaks down to $6.58/month. It’s less than Netflix or Hulu Plus, and it has more benefits to me.

Bottom line: We renewed our subscription this year. We are thrilled with Amazon Prime and the whole process. I’ve ordered items from Amazon 7 times this year and never paid a penny on shipping. Plus, I’ll probably buy more than a few Christmas presents on there, all Amazon Prime eligible, of course!

So, I’d say you could save a HUGE amount of money with a Prime membership, especially if you reduce your cable or satellite package at the same time. After all, with 40,000+ movies and TV shows to watch, who needs cable?


Amazon Prime is offering a free 30 day trial. This is an amazing opportunity to try it out, and with free 2 day shipping you could buy a ton of Christmas presents and never pay shipping!

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Do you use Amazon Prime? How do you save money on your online shopping and movie watching?

September 6

Grab These Bargains in September for Biggest Savings!

Ahh, September…the kids are back in school, summer is a quickly fading memory and Christmas will be here before you can even say ‘Happy Halloween’. Before you develop a severe case of seasonal affective disorder let me share a great secret with you…September is an awesome month for bargains! posted a great piece as part of a twelve month guide to ‘what to buy, when’, and here’s what they have to say about September.

“Big appliances: Stoves, washing machines, and other gear that’s way too big to fit into your car starts appearing in showrooms… But you’re not buying that stuff—you’re wisely watching the stuff that’s still new, but just slightly older, get real markdowns to make room for the new stuff.”

Don’t be suckered in by low sales prices if you don’t really need the item. Most new appliances have a pretty long lifespan these days, and repairs are almost always cheaper than buying new.

“Cars: Now is the sweet spot between last year’s inventory needing to move quicker off the lot and all that inventory being gone. Go in on a weekday morning if you can to get the sales staff’s full attention, and try to keep track of cars you like, then watch how long they sit on the lot. If you’ve got a favorite that isn’t moving, that’s the time to sweep in for the much better deal.”

Don’t forget that new cars, even last year’s models, lose value very quickly. Take a look at the used cars on the lot. Many of these come with partial warranties and are a better value for your money.

“Wines: Somewhat obvious, sure, but you can also lock down some hard-to-find, small-run wines in the early fall harvest season…”

Umm, why wait to buy wine? I didn’t get this one! Then again, I buy my wine by the box, LOL!

“Holiday airfare: As we’ve suggested, the cheapest time to buy a ticket is eight weeks before a flight. Guess what’s just about eight weeks from now? Start buying your airfare for Thanksgiving, then wait a bit and grab any tickets you need for the longer December holidays.”

Totally agree with this for one main reason: planning ahead and around busy travel days is just smart practice. Last minute tickets during the holiday season is a real no-no…it’s too expensive and impossible to get tickets on the days and times you want.

“Laptops: Just because you don’t happen to be re-enrolling in undergraduate studies, or (thank your lucky stars) heading back to high school, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a sweet back to school laptop deal. If you are in school, hey, we admire your ability to manage free blog reading time and your studies.”

The Labor Day sales start off a small frenzy of bargains as shops try to clear space for newer models in time for Christmas. Grab a bargain for yourself or your student this month.

Great deals on laptops from Amazon–click here!

“Grills and Lawn Mowers: As you might imagine, the people are looking one way (toward fall and winter indoor things), while retailers are looking back at the grills and lawn maintenance stuff they didn’t sell. ”

My husband and I always shop a season behind for this very reason. Right now we are browsing the gardening stuff, but come January we’ll be hitting up the Christmas decorations!

Grab a grill at bargain prices!

“Shrubs, Bushes, and Other Landscaping Plants: If you’ve got a warm area to keep plants, or you live in an area where growing happens all year, now’s the time to jump in…”

If you live in a moderate or warm climate, September is great planting time. Nights are cool but not cold, and the soil is warm enough for roots to thrive. I like the fact that the heat doesn’t kill you when you gardening September, too!

Have you snagged any bargains this month? Please share below!