January 5

Product Review: Saving Money With Roku

In the ebook I wrote about ditching your cable or satellite in order to save money (coming soon!), I listed some useful products and services that can help you achieve those savings. Here’s the first of those in depth product reviews for you. Enjoy!

When I first heard of Roku, I had no idea what it was. A friend told me to check it out if I liked ‘funny British shows and weird stuff’, but also a lot of really good programming, too.

I went online to do my homework and started by visiting Roku’s website (www.roku.com) and took a look at their information. Then, I went to Walmart and looked at the box. Then I repeated these two steps about three times, LOL, because I am terribly indecisive about new things! BUT, I really should not have worried.

Even if you don’t want to ditch your cable, I really recommend a Roku box as an alternative to a second receiver. It offers so much, for a really reasonable price, you’ll probably fall madly in love and want to break up with your cable company after all.

What it is

A Roku box (there are also streaming sticks available) is a set top box that connects to any HDMI television and your high speed Internet. It has ‘channels’ you can download, from Netflix to Amazon Prime and more obscure Internet only channels on subjects from meditation to moneymaking.

Not every channel is a premium service; there are a few that are completely free and show older movies and TV shows. There are also a few games you can download, such as Angry Birds. Some games are free, others cost $1-3 or so. We’ve only ever downloaded the free stuff, but it’s more than we could ever watch.

We bought our box about three years ago, so prices are probably lower now. We bought the HD model, but now I think they’re all pretty Hi Def.

You can get a box with a regular remote control or one with a motion controlled one for gaming. It’s so easy to use, even my toddler can scroll through the channels (we just have the plain remote).

Here are the pros and cons of the Roku.


Easy to use
Relatively inexpensive
Loads of content, much of which is free
Always adding channels
Several games available for the kiddos


Some content requires subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.)
You may already have a game console or other device that offers the best channels, but the other content is pretty good, too.

For Amazon’s supply of Roku products, click Here.

Here are some of the most popular Roku products Amazon sells:

Let me know if you’ve tried Roku’s products, and if so, do you love it?