February 2

'Cut the Cord': How One Short Ebook Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars On Cable And Satellite


It’s Sunday morning here in South Carolina, and we are chilling out, watching back to back episodes of ‘The Middle’ on TV. I don’t have a DVR, they aren’t ‘on demand’ with a cable company or satellite, but they are absolutely free to watch, at least a few episodes worth!

Two years ago we were paying way too much for cable television. Almost two hundred bucks a month kept my kids glued to the box, bickering over the remote control, and left my husband and I wondering what the heck we were even paying for. We could hardly ever find movies that we hadn’t seen, and our DVR was full of shows I never had time to watch.

Sound familiar?

I went on a money-saving, sanity restoring mission to get my family watching TV differently, so I started looking at my options. I posted about my experience with the Roku, which we love, but we use so many other methods to watch our favorite movies and shows, and we don’t spend a fortune doing it, either!

I decided to write a short ebook talking about the resources that we use at my house that brought our TV costs down from nearly $200 a month to under a hundred, including our super high speed Internet. I don’t expect everyone who reads this book to immediately jump ship from their cable or satellite providers, but I hope they can glean a few bits of information that will help them cut costs.

After all, who couldn’t use a little more money every month?

Visit your Amazon site in your country to download ‘Cut the Cord’ by Jessica Brooke Woods for FREE February 2nd and 3rd to get a look for yourself.

Cut the Cord at Amazon.ca

Cut the Cord on Amazon.co.uk

Cut the Cord on Amazon.com.au

Hope you save a bundle…please share your experiences with saving money on your cable or satellite costs in the comments section!