May 26

Attitude of Grattitude


Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything new here, so I understand if I’m just speaking to an empty room, but I have something I want to say and felt like this was as good a place as any.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, especially when you work hard every day, still fall behind on your bills, can’t afford to take nice trips with your family or even just get home often enough to see loved ones.

I get this. I do. I feel like every penny I earn belongs to ‘the man’ some days, and that Uncle Sam has his hand in my pocket so deep, he oughta at least be buying me dinner for privilege.

I also know how it feels to do things for others, mostly family, and be taken for granted or never appreciated. It is not pleasant to be told that no matter what you do, it’s not enough.

Today is Memorial Day here in America. We remember those men and women who died in military service to our country, and we honor the ones left behind. We salute those who still serve, at least on this day of remembrance, and then we go back to our lives.

How many of us are really grateful for the freedom we have, or the life that we have, when we remember those who died for us? How many of us instead focus on the fact that we don’t get to spend the day as we’d like, eating or drinking and laying in the sun?

How many of us are mad at our family members because of some real or imagined argument, brought on by self-induced stress?

How many of us are just pissed about our lives, our government, our families, but we don’t ever do anything to change it?

How many of us are truly grateful to be alive? I bet those men and women we honor and remember would gladly suffer our problems, if they could have one more day on this earth.

Are you truly grateful, or are you caught up in negativity that is completely self-created?

I’m guilty of not being grateful enough. We all are at some point, and that’s not a crime. But, if you realize that you are being ungrateful, do something about it. Change the way you look at the world, at your life, at yourself.

I have a friend that I used to work with at a bank. Any time a customer would ask how she was doing, she’d smile and say that couldn’t complain, that every day she woke up on the right side of the ground she was grateful.

That’s how we all should feel, because this life is temporary, it’s terminal from the day we are born.

We all have problems, get over it.

We just need to put on our big girl panties and deal with them, and be grateful that we still can.

What do y’all think?