September 10

Fun Kids' Activity Alert!!! Make Your Own Bath Paints

shaving foam bath paintThis has to be the easiest way I’ve ever seen to get your kids in the bath. For real, it’s so easy, my two-year-old helped make it.

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of photos. My kids had this stuff whisked away and in the bathtub before I could even reach my phone to get the finished product documented. But let me just say, it’s pretty. And, it’s fun.

All you need for this fun project is shaving foam and food coloring. That’s it. Nothing fancy, and you probably already have these at home right now. It just sounds really cool when you tell people that you make your own bath paints.


I used an old muffin tin that we had lying around to make small batches of┬áthe bath paint. This also ensured my kids didn’t blow through an entire can of shaving foam, since my husband still has to shave with it.

Fill each muffin hole with shaving foam. Add a few drops of food coloring to each pile of foam, and mix with a spoon or spatula until the foam is colored all the way through. This is actually quite soothing, in my opinion! The foam looks so pretty before it is completely colored, when it still has a whitish, marbled look to it.


Once the foam is mixed up with color, let the kids paint the bath tub with it. We did a trial painting in the bathroom sink, and it didn’t stain the porcelain, but I wouldn’t leave it on for too long. Also, I wouldn’t use too much food coloring. You really don’t want to explain to your child’s teacher why your nine year-old daughter has a blue face (yeah, we’ve been there).

shaving foam bath paint

Still, for a fast, fun activity, you just can’t beat this. And it gets your kids clean while they play with it. Bonus points if you let them paint the dog!