January 22

Time To Crap Or Get Off The Pot


Have you ever known someone who constantly talked about their “big plans”, but who never seemed to follow through? Yeah, you know them, and so do I. Heck, I have been one of those annoying people…until now.

For a while now, I’ve been saying that I would start my own PLR business, writing and selling PLR articles online. (PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and PLR articles are those that are sold to a number of different people, not sold exclusively, but that can be altered once bought)

I bought PLR ATM, by Tiffany Lambert, a little over a year ago. I had been following her blog since I started writing online in 2012, and loved her ballsy approach to working online. I kept telling myself, and anyone who would listen, that I was going to start my own PLR site, selling content to marketers.

I write well, ( I had also purchased Tiffany’s Ghostwriting Cash and was making decent money implementing it) so I knew I could manage creating the content, but I was nervous about the technical side of things. I had no clue how to build the website, since it required allowing people to buy their articles and download them.

I put it off, saying I’d write the articles first, then start the site. But, I kept putting off the writing, since there was no site to put them on. I watched others start their own sites, and I was jealous, but not enough to do anything about it.

Then New Years came, and I got sick of talking about my plans. I decided that I wanted action, I wanted a piece of the pie that everyone else is enjoying. I decided it was time to, pardon the expression, “crap or get off the pot.”

Today, I bought a domain from Namecheap.com and set up my brand new PLR site! It isn’t up and running quite yet, because I had a few hiccups getting my files set up via ejunkie.com, but watch this space!

This is going to be the year I change my business life, build my ‘online empire,’ and boost my income to improve my family’s life. I want my own slice of the pie, and I’m prepared to put in a little effort to do it!

So, I guess you can say I’ve decided to “crap” and stay on the pot, so look out, world, lol!

What about you? Is there something you’ve been putting off? There’s no time like the present…crap or get off!

January 20

Product Review: 273 Golden Infoproduct Ideas

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of Matt Rhodes’ product, 273 Golden Infoproduct Ideas, while it was on sale for only $7. Here’s the scoop on what it is, why you need it, and how you can use it to earn money online.


black question markWhat is this product?


273 Golden Infoproduct Ideas is a 30 page report that features a whopping 50 types of small or short reports that you can use to make money with. Within these 50 types, Matt also give 273 specific examples of the reports and explanations of how you can use each type of report to make money. He gets into the details of why each different type of report encourages people to buy it, and he does so in a way that is fun and easy to understand.


The details

Matt covers the basics, such as “how to’s” and “list style” reports, which could arguably be figured out by anyone who has written their fair share of content. BUT…he also has some really unique gems that make you think, and will make people say, “Ah-ha…I NEED that information!”

I personally love the examples, some of which may seem totally random, but they get your brain thinking in the right direction, making your own creative process flow much smoother. Just reading the report, I had a dozen *really* good ideas, and I had to stop and jot a few down to use for myself later on.

Why do you need this ?  circle black question mark


You don’t, if you like spending hours brainstorming ideas for reports. However, if you like a gentle nudge, or a GREAT reminder that you can print out and refer back to for instant inspiration, then this is a no-brainer. But, you need to hurry, because at the moment, this is on sale, and the price will go up. It will still be worth spending money on, but it’s too good of a bargain to pass up at the earlybird special!


purple circle question mark How can you use this to make money?


Short reports are great moneymaking tools because they don’t take a long time to write. They can be really short, like 3-4 pages, or long, like this one. They can be written about any subject under the sun and used for a lot of different purposes.

  • Sell the reports online to people who are interested in the list’s subject matter.
  • Give the report away to people in order to get them to sign up for your email list.
  • Create a detailed information product, and use the reports you write as a bonus offer to sweeten the deal when people buy your product.

Can you see how the possibilities are endless? 🙂

Go ahead and check this out. New marketers will benefit from the gentle guidance Matt’s report provides, and seasoned marketers will appreciate the easy inspiration this handy tool offers. I’m certainly pleased with the product, and want to let you know to “watch this space” for my own short reports in the future!


January 18

Honesty and Openness In Online Business


When I first started looking for ways to make money online, I was shocked at some of the really outrageous people who were trying to sell me stuff on promises that I’d “make money overnight”, or I could just buy their product and push a button in order to earn thousands of dollars. Yeah, right. Whatever! See, I might have been new to the business of earning online, but I wasn’t stupid. So, I made sure that I was super careful about who I listened to, and where I put my own hard-earned dollars.

I was immediately drawn to anyone who confirmed my own suspicions that you don’t have to spend lots, or any, money when you are just starting out. I valued the advice of people who told me to slow down, take the time to hone my skills, learn new ones, try new things, and not be afraid to fail.

I loved finding out that there were actually people who built six-figure earnings every year from patience, hard work, and being honest with their audiences. It made me feel like, “Hey, if they can do it, and they started with nothing, so can I!” So can you!

What I really wanted to say in this blog post is that not everyone who earns a living online is honest and open about how they do it. Some people sell you products and make claims that they can’t really substantiate. They make a killing selling to desperate, needy people, then move on and sell another product to a different group of desperate people once the first group catches on. Kinda like those old timey snake oil salesman, but a lot slicker.

In my experience, the best way to build an online business is to start by doing what you already know how to do, whether that’s writing, taking photos, helping people, or just being yourself. Heck, some people make good money by just being themselves and putting all in a blog, adding some ads and monetizing the whole thing.

If you don’t have any “skills”, learn some. If you can spend a few hours reading posts on Facebook or keeping up with celebs, you can spare half an hour a day to learn how to write a blog post or how to build a website.

One of the smartest people I know in online business is Tiffany Lambert. She is as honest and open as it gets when it comes to making a successful living online. She started the same way many people do…by chance. She didn’t have a clue when she started out, but she’s one of the most successful people I know now. Check her out, and take a look at people like Dennis Becker and Mike from Maine. These are all real people, just like you and me, who wanted to be successful, but didn’t really know what to do. So, they taught themselves, learned from others, and shared what they know for free or very little cost, so that we could do the same.

Even if you don’t want to make loads of money online, I recommend checking them out. Their stories are quite interesting, and they are just “good people,” as my Nanny Padgett likes to say. When I think about how I want to build my own online business, I know that I want to be the kind of “good people” that others can trust. I am learning, I don’t know it all, I mess up, I don’t make a fortune yet, but, you can trust that what I tell you is the truth. I wouldn’t want to be lied to or swindled while I’m building a business, and I promise that I won’t do those things to you, either.

How do you feel about online business people who are less than honest? Is there anyone you have had amazing experience with online that makes you think they’re “good people?” Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

January 12

Building An Online Empire In Five Bucks A Day


I’ll bet you think five dollars is nothing, if you’re talking about earning money online. Spend five bucks a day, however, and you’ll see it adds up fast. Five bucks a day adds up to $25 per week, if you don’t count weekends, and who counts those? If you want to start earning money online, you need to start somewhere. Whether you want to build an online empire or simply earn a little extra money every month, these opportunities will help.


Write something, get paid

Were you a good writer in school, and can you still remember how to string sentences together? You can easily earn money writing for online content mills. Google the phrase ‘content mills’ and you’ll see lots of reviews, good and bad, about them, plus you’ll find several listed that are begging for writers. Some have waiting lists a mile long. My recommendation is to sign up for several, be sure to read the fine print so you’ll know how long it takes to get access to your cash, and start writing.

Some pay really poorly, some pay well, and others pay extraordinarily well. You will have to do your own research on which o;nes fit you best, but it’s how I got started and still earn a huge percentage of my income. Most importantly, it’s highly flexible…you write as little or as much, whenever you can grab work.

Writers are notoriously funny about sharing their work sources…after all, more writers means less work available, but here are a few you can try that I’ve used and that I maybe won’t get hunted down and executed for sharing. Yes, there are writer ninjas, and they will do anything to protect a source of income…





Do small tasks that add up to big money

Ever heard of microtasking? It’s basically where big companies hire lots of people to do small jobs to get the work done faster. My favorite microtasking site is mTurk, but there are loads of them out there, just search ‘microtasking sites’ and you’ll get a whole slew of them popping up. My only real tip is to avoid the ones that pay, like, a penny for doing something that takes ten minutes. Aim higher than earning a third of the national wage per hour, please!

Most sites let you sort the tasks by the amount they pay, and some tasks pay really well. I earned several thousand dollars last year from one site alone, primarily doing writing tasks. You can also do surveys, check how websites are functioning, do secret shopper telephone calls…the list of jobs is varied and long. A lot of them you can do while you watch TV, which is more than I can say about some jobs. 🙂


Do some gigs on Fiverr

Okay, so you’ll actually have to do more than one gig on Fiverr to earn five bucks, because they keep a dollar from every gig you do, but it’s a real and viable source of income for many people.

Basically, you do a service of your choice for five bucks. For example, I hire people to design book covers or make logos for five bucks, then I use them on my own products. You could do anything from dress like a chicken and dance for your five bucks to write an entire novel, if you are so inclined. I haven’t done this one much…I just haven’t had time to develop a good gig that I want to do, but I earned about $12 in under a week there before I got distracted, I mean, moved on to other projects.

Oh, and if you sell a certain number of gigs, you can add extra services like ‘speedy delivery’ for additional money, so some people end up earning $30 or more dollars per gig in very little time at all.



Okay, this is where you can really make a lot of extra money, especially if you are good at things like web design, writing, creating press releases or copywriting. I have done well with the two sites I’ve listed below, but I could do better. The key to being successful on these sites is KNOW YOUR WORTH, don’t undervalue yourself, and do a good job, on time.

People will hire you to review their books and products for them, to edit things they’ve written, to draw illustrations for them, and so much more. You can meet awesome clients from around the globe, and you get to do things you are good at, for money. Why would anyone do anything else? 🙂

Check out oDesk and Elance. These are two that I use personally…you can find my profiles on there pretty easily to see what I’ve been up to.


The idea for this post was inspired by Dennis Becker’s book, 5 Bucks a Day: The Key to Internet Marketing Success. It’s aimed at internet marketers, but is pretty inspirational for anyone just starting out online.

Have you tried any of these methods? Which works best for you? Let me know in the comments section, and maybe we can help someone boost their income a little. After all, a little bit every day makes a big difference!