January 18

Honesty and Openness In Online Business


When I first started looking for ways to make money online, I was shocked at some of the really outrageous people who were trying to sell me stuff on promises that I’d “make money overnight”, or I could just buy their product and push a button in order to earn thousands of dollars. Yeah, right. Whatever! See, I might have been new to the business of earning online, but I wasn’t stupid. So, I made sure that I was super careful about who I listened to, and where I put my own hard-earned dollars.

I was immediately drawn to anyone who confirmed my own suspicions that you don’t have to spend lots, or any, money when you are just starting out. I valued the advice of people who told me to slow down, take the time to hone my skills, learn new ones, try new things, and not be afraid to fail.

I loved finding out that there were actually people who built six-figure earnings every year from patience, hard work, and being honest with their audiences. It made me feel like, “Hey, if they can do it, and they started with nothing, so can I!” So can you!

What I really wanted to say in this blog post is that not everyone who earns a living online is honest and open about how they do it. Some people sell you products and make claims that they can’t really substantiate. They make a killing selling to desperate, needy people, then move on and sell another product to a different group of desperate people once the first group catches on. Kinda like those old timey snake oil salesman, but a lot slicker.

In my experience, the best way to build an online business is to start by doing what you already know how to do, whether that’s writing, taking photos, helping people, or just being yourself. Heck, some people make good money by just being themselves and putting all in a blog, adding some ads and monetizing the whole thing.

If you don’t have any “skills”, learn some. If you can spend a few hours reading posts on Facebook or keeping up with celebs, you can spare half an hour a day to learn how to write a blog post or how to build a website.

One of the smartest people I know in online business is Tiffany Lambert. She is as honest and open as it gets when it comes to making a successful living online. She started the same way many people do…by chance. She didn’t have a clue when she started out, but she’s one of the most successful people I know now. Check her out, and take a look at people like Dennis Becker and Mike from Maine. These are all real people, just like you and me, who wanted to be successful, but didn’t really know what to do. So, they taught themselves, learned from others, and shared what they know for free or very little cost, so that we could do the same.

Even if you don’t want to make loads of money online, I recommend checking them out. Their stories are quite interesting, and they are just “good people,” as my Nanny Padgett likes to say. When I think about how I want to build my own online business, I know that I want to be the kind of “good people” that others can trust. I am learning, I don’t know it all, I mess up, I don’t make a fortune yet, but, you can trust that what I tell you is the truth. I wouldn’t want to be lied to or swindled while I’m building a business, and I promise that I won’t do those things to you, either.

How do you feel about online business people who are less than honest? Is there anyone you have had amazing experience with online that makes you think they’re “good people?” Please feel free to share in the comments section below!

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