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10 Reasons You Should Just Go Write That Book

10 reasons you should go write that book

I know  I write a lot about freelancing and content creation for websites, but there’s another passion of mine that surpasses even those fascinating pasttimes. I write books, and dammit, I love what I do. Do I make gobs of money from them? No, not yet. But, in my defense, I’m still learning. I didn’t let my lack of knowledge about things like marketing and self publishing get in the way of me actually writing the books, and neither should you.

Here are 10 reasons you should just go write that book. Right now.

1. You suck at writing. No, this is NOT an insult. If you are a beginner writer, and sometimes if you are a long-time writer, you are going to suck at writing. The only way to get better is to practice, and what better way to practice than to write a book and learn from the experience.

*If you want to read a great motivational book about overcoming your fear of writing, go read this.  This guy is awesome, and nails this “authorphobia” thing perfectly.

2. You aren’t getting any younger. Tomorrow is not a given, and you may never have a chance to get your story down if you don’t start now.

3. Who’s going to remember you when you’re dead? Wouldn’t it be awesome to leave behind something real and tangible, even a digital book, after you’re gone?

4. You might actually be good at it. Even if you’re not great, you could be good enough to have people actually want to read your stuff. Then, you might be good enough to earn money from your writing,  maybe even enough to do something awesome.

5. When people ask what you do, you can tell them, “I’m a writer.” Even if you’re a writer by night and a dentist by day, or anything else by day, you can still say you’re a writer if you actually write stuff.

6. You can kill people. Not in real life, of course, but if you really hate someone, make them into a character in your book and kill the hell out of them. Heck, turn them into a zombie so you can kill them twice. It’s better than paying for therapy or spending time in prison.

7. Everyone has a story, and you can help them tell it. Maybe you don’t want to write your story, but you want to write about someone amazing you know, or a character that has been inside your head for years. Stories are important, they can change people’s lives, make the world a better place, and teach people stuff. Do this by writing a book!

8. You need an outlet for your creativity. Maybe you’re the weirdest person you know, but you can’t really let your freak flag fly because people at the office would really be nervous around all that awesomeness. Whatever. Go write that book, let your freaky imagination run wild, release the creative pressure, so you don’t explode in a midlife crisis of glitter, gin and go-go dancing.

9. You can change the world. Your book could be the one thing that changes someone’s life, the one thing that stops them from doing something awful, or feeling so alone, or being such a jerk. Words. Make. A. Difference. Use yours wisely.

10. You don’t have to be perfect, or even interesting, to write a book. Look at all the perfectly boring non-fiction books out there that people read because they need the information inside of them. Look at all the poorly written books that still get great reviews because they struck a chord with someone on some level. Perfection is overrated. Just go write that book.

If you’re feeling at all inspired, my pal Trinity Ford, aka Tiffany Lambert, is doing a 30 day newbie fiction challenge starting from TODAY. We’ll be picking an idea, writing a short book, and publishing it, all in one month. Join in, I dare you, because you might just unleash something awesome. And, if nothing else, you’ll go write that book.

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  1. By Ash on

    I do believe everyone has a book in them and I’m looking forward to see how you do with this 30 day challenge Trinity, I mean Tiffany has set up for everyone.

    1. By Jessica (Post author) on

      I hope you’re doing the challenge…I think it’s going to be so much fun, and I’m already learning so many new things that I think will help me with my writing! Can’t wait to see what you and everyone else comes up with!

      1. By Ash on

        Not doing the challenge as fiction ain’t my thing but good luck with your fiction endeavours.

  2. By Mary on

    Great post! Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s fiction or a memoir. Even if no one reads it, you will be so much better off for writing it!

    1. By Jessica (Post author) on

      I completely agree…sometimes writing is just the best way to exorcise those demons, lol!

  3. By Leisa Good on

    I also think that everyone does have a book in them somewhere. The problem is that most people don’t bother to dig it out of themselves. Also, they feel that if it is fiction it won’t really make much of an impact on others. Actually, quite the opposite is true. This is why kids still study the great works of literature, because there WAS a real life message in them.

    Great post.

    1. By Jessica (Post author) on

      Leisa, you just never know how good that story will be until you tell it! So many people think that their writing won’t be appreciated, but they’ll never know if they don’t try!


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