June 30



As an affiliate of several companies, some of the links you find on my blog will lead to products that I am associated with as an affiliate. What does that mean? It means that should you click on my links and decide to buy a product I will earn a part of the sale.

I will NEVER post links to products that I don’t trust and to believe to be beneficial in some way. For the most part, the items I link to are items that I have personally used or items that my family have used. Some things I won’t have used, but have enough trust in product or company to recommend it without hesitation.


I will never sell your information or contact details, nor will I share them with anyone. I respect your privacy and won’t send you emails unless you subscribe to my blog, and even then I’ll keep them short, sweet and relevant. I don’t like lots of junk in my inbox, so I will treat your inbox like my own!

Whenever you provide your email address with your comments it won’t be used to send you anything…unless you specifically subscribe you won’t receive emails from me. So feel free to comment all you want, and go ahead and subscribe, too!



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