March 23

About Me

My name is Jessica Brooke Woods, you can call me Jess, Jessica, Brooke, Hey You, or mom, because there’s a very good chance I’ll answer to any of them.

I’m a writer. It’s what I “do.” Mostly I write for other people, sometimes I write for myself, and I love doing both types of writing.

I have a PLR shop ( that I am trying to get off the ground, and a series of children’s books that I have written, along with the characters’ creator and illustrator, Steve Scatcherd. They’re called the Potty Potatoes books, and I’m very proud of them.

I’ve dabbled in other genres, some with pen names, others in my own name. I haven’t written the Great American Novel yet, nor any other (insert nationality here) Novel, but I’m sure it will happen…eventually.

I’m a terrible procrastinator, struggle with organization, but am lucky enough to know a LOT of awesome people who excel¬†at both, so I am learning from them!

I’m a mom of three kids, ages toddler to teen, one of which has been diagnosed on the “high functioning” end of the Autistic spectrum. I like to tell people that she’s just on the Awesome spectrum, because she’s an awesome kid!

I’m an unabashed believer that we are all equal, end of story.

I like a challenge, love my family, and live to help others. Follow me and learn from my¬†successes, failures, mistakes, and madness…

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy my site!

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